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Banjo develops custom virtual reality training experiences for enterprise customers. The total immersion, spatial awareness, and repetitive motion/muscle memory delivered by VR represent a revolution in employee training.

We are proud to co-sponsor the VRARA’s White Paper on VR/AR Training Best Practices.

This white paper outlines and details a best practices, capturing the rapidly-evolving field of VR and its use in training and skills development. It is intended for those that might be new to VR technologies but are knowledgeable in current training methodologies and the general training market.

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The New Reality of Business

Jeremy Kidd CEO, Banjo

 Banjo is Here to Help 

We guide you through the entire process of bringing your VR experience to life. From technology and platform decisions to the user interactions and overall experience. 

Our goal is to help you launch something amazing that is technically accurate and that your users will love.



Discover and refine concepts that leverage VR and AR to drive value for your business.

A one-week workshop includes technology demonstrations, solution definition, and a low-fidelity prototype production.

VR/AR Art and Design

Our experience designers and 3D artists partner with you to define your experience

Designing in four dimensions includes scene creation, 3D assets, user interactions, scripts and 360º storyboards.

VR/AR Development

Our engineering team has experience building real-time VR experiences for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR, WebVR and Google Cardboard.

We create AR applications for Microsoft Hololens, Android and iOS.

The World's Best Customers

The Banjo team helped JANA refine and then create the next generation of interactive documentation with augmented reality.
Ean Niland
President, JANA Corp.
On a short timeline, Banjo seamlessly integrated with our technical team to deliver a top-rated ARKit application for the Apple iOS 11 launch.
Andy Greff
CEO, Smart Picture Technologies

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Banjo builds custom virtual and augmented reality application experiences for enterprise customers. 

VR and AR technologies are transforming the way companies execute across the business – everywhere from product development to marketing and training. 

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