Continued Growth of VR in China

It was announced this week that HTC will be dropping their Google Daydream Headset. This news, reported by TechCrunch, comes as a surprise given the earlier amount of press given to the item. The partnership, originally announced in May, was to create standalone headsets which didn’t require a phone or PC. Lenovo, another partner mentioned in May, will still be producing a standalone headset, as told by Clay Bavor, Google’s VP of VR/AR. Instead, HTC is focusing on the VR market in China given the ultra competitive nature of VR providers and market fragmentation.  


Furthermore, there’s a VR theme park coming to Guiyang, China. The project, which was over $1.3 billion, is set to open next month.

The park, East Valley of Science and Fantasy, seems to combine several aspects of fantasy fandom with a massive 174 foot Transformer, Aliens, Star Wars, and a castle that is reminiscent of Cinderella’s (though much more sinister and lego looking).

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals: Expanding the VR user base?

With Thanksgiving and the holiday season fast approaching, sales and deals are making their way to you through every medium possible. Black Friday deals traditionally set up Holiday specials for the rest of the season, and VR platforms are not exempt. Across all retailers, we’re seeing massive discounts and promotions on consoles, games and more. No longer a single day, sales at Amazon are already available.

PlayStation VR

This isn’t the first season where we’ve seen an uptick in VR tools for sale, but consumers have been told various messages from warnings to wait and pulls to purchase in previous years

Given the increased ubiquity of VR and AR (visibility in Walmart and other retailers have helped), and especially given the introduction of ARkit and ARcore, will this holiday season help change the landscape of VR users and increase usage by a measurable amount?