We Create Virtual Experiences for Brands and Enterprises
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What we do

Jam Session

Discover and refine concepts that leverage VR technologies to drive value for your brand.

The one-week workshop includes technology overviews/demonstrations, solution definition, and finally a low-fidelity prototype production and user test.


Our experience designers and artists partner with you to define your virtual world and experience.

Designing in four dimensions includes scene creation, 3D assets, user interactions, scripts and 360° storyboards.


Our engineering team has experience building VR experiences for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR, WebVR and Google Cardboard.

We also create AR applications for Microsoft Hololens, Android and iOS.

Our Work

Work for Our Amazing Clients

Pediatric MRI Introduction

Cleveland Clinic

Architectural Design


Manufacturing Safety Training


What to expect

Let's Start with Dependability and Transparency

  • Jam Session

    Collaborative Ideation Workshop

    Technology and Platform Overviews
    Invent and Prototype Your Experience
    Collect Real User Feedback

  • Experience Design

    Define the Experience and Your Virtual World

    User Research and Journey
    360° Storyboard and Script
    Key Interactions and Art

  • Development

    Engineering and Art Design Sprints

    Weekly Prototypes
    Interaction Development
    3D Art and Asset Optimization

  • Fit and Finish

    Fine-Tune and Launch Your Experience

    Quality Assurance
    Analytics & Reporting

  • Launch!

Banjo Benefit

Virtual Reality creates empathy unlike any other medium

An important part of Banjo's mission is to provide subsidized design and development services to not-for-profit organizations. This allows us to use the power of VR to benefit those who share our vision of making the world a better place.

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